This is one of my favorite tracks, it’s where I got my first ever world cup podium and I’ve always felt like I ride good here. 6th place and just 1 second off the podium means it surely won’t be long until he’s putting it to the top riders once again. Simmonds tore up the top half of the moor on a great time, but fell back in the bottom sections to place 18th. Still, he and Dale are doing well in cementing themselves as truly World Class right now. When will the 2022 World Junior Championship take place? Martin may have beaten Loris today in a World Cup DH, but Loris beat Martin in an EWS race last year so as far as we can reckon they are even regardless of racing discipline. What can you say about Martin Maes other than the guy is a freaking power house.

Race day went off in front of a packed house. Today was a day of Popes, Pirates, Santas, Giant Squirrels, and all other manner of reveler. Emmeline Ragot, confident and relaxed at the start of the day warms up in the Lapierre pits. Manon Carpenter warms up for the final practice session. On average, ACHA teams practice three to four times a week and compete in home and away games on the weekends. As for the home advantage, a third of the past world cups was won by the host country. Just got my first ever World Cup win! Troy Brosnan coming off the hip into the last stretch of his first World Cup win to date. After his epic win at Leogang last year, he could be up higher on the steps next week there. Eagles still need the Panthers to beat Washington in Week 16. A Washington win eliminates Philadelphia and the Week 17 matchup won’t matter for the Eagles.

It’s been awesome for us and Specialized here and of course me and Troy want to beat each other, but if it has to be someone I’d want it to be my team mate. The young Aussie took his first pro World Cup win today besting former team mate Sam hill by 1.659 seconds. Brosnan holds his head in sheer disbelief after finally achieving the young gun’s first World Cup win. We just checked bro-code guidelines and it is fully legit when you win your first World Cup at the most notorious DH track on the circuit. The winners from the first round would advance to a best-of-five Division Series, followed by a best-of-seven League Championship Series, followed by the best-of-seven World Series. Obviously, this is baseball and anything can happen in small series. The first four Super Bowls served as intra-league championship games because of these intra-league championship games this created some confusion amongst football fans that there was an special World Championship series in the pre-merger era. Congratulations from all at PB to Greg Minnaar, completing his 100th World Cup race and we know he’ll be adding to the tally long into the future.

He has won this race 4 times in its history, arriving first on Aonoch moor in 2002. Today he had to settle for just another boring top ten. It was well timed; Williamson celebrated his twenty second birthday today. Tracy Hannah filled the shoes she needed to today while her brother Mick watched from the sidelines. It’s been a while since he has so confidently attacked such gnarly tracks and it’s good to see him so close to that top step of the podium. Kintner dropping into her second World Cup podium of the season and not her last. The last two spots were fought by six teams in the qualifier played in 2018. That was an intensely fought contest in Zimbabwe. Per conference, the top three finishers of both divisions and two wildcard teams make the playoffs. They have completed two studies of retired professional football players to help detect and track possible chronic traumatic encephalopathy in living people. You first have to cover up the vent of your vacuum cleaner with a thick gauze or cloth, and then seal the mouth of the drain, after this start vacuuming. In particular, the first principal component is seen to explain a substantial portion of the variation in a linear combination of some commonly used measures of cricket prowess.

Many men who are attending therapy for the first time are afraid that the therapist will ask them, “So, how are you feeling? Hart’s riding was totally unbelievable to watch, but did he end up losing time on flair on the flatter woods and motorway? Brook took an unplanned diversion during his run that saw him riding some serious rodeo. Isak Leivsson KO’d himself hard during his run and didn’t make it down the mountain ( at least from what he can remember). Still at least he can be sure he’ll never have to wear sunglasses with a full-face. Who would have thought it would be Troy Brosnan leading the charge with Gwin in tow? OCD patients present a pathological tendency towards repetitive behavior or thought patterns. Jamaican powerhouse Chris Gayle is around the end of a glittering international career, but the 40 year old West Indian is still looking strong for another outing at the T20 World Cup next year. Junior forwards Max Gadon and Zach Pierce will also be looking to get onto the scoresheet whenever possible. Among the many, Luca Shaw didn’t quite get the luck here in Fort William he was looking for.

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