About Ramekyn


Where Moments matter   

Life moments tend to revolve around food. 

Holiday tables, Summer BBQs, Sunday Brunch and of course romantic dinners. 

Moments with family, friends and significant others. 

 Ramekin is that place to share a special dish, fantastic family recipe 

– your food moments. Moments like a great meal are meant to be shared. Course by course. 

Raise a glass, Plate up, post up. 


Bon Appetite! 


Ramekyn Family


Extra Plate…


Sharing and caring is what inspires us to do what we do. 

Ramekin Family will share a % of our revenue (not profits) to help feed others who may not be able to feed themselves. 

We are linking arms with Food for the Poor (example)and organizations that help build sustainable food sources in underdeveloped countries. 


We partner with a few with a hope to impact the most. 


Keeping it clean…


Environment- great ingredients grow with clean water, soil and sunshine. 

We care about what we eat and where it’s sourced. 

We care about our environment and will partner with organizations that work to provide clean water and sustainable solutions. 


Grab a dish towel ..


This is also place for those who want to participate , join the cause to feed the hungry and make a difference.